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Monday, 27. Mar. 2017
Persian New year celebration - sanaz
NOWROOZ is the new year and celebrated in : Iran,Afghanistan, Albania, Azerbaijan, China (by Tajiks and Turkic peoples), Georgia, India(by Parsis), Iraq (by Kurds and Turkmens), Kazakhstan,...
Wednesday, 08. Mar. 2017
3D printing workshop! - Chris Veigl
Following monday, 13th March, we will hold a workshop about an first introduction to 3D printing. The meeting point is room B4.04 and the time span will be from 5PM to 6PM. First we will show you...
Wednesday, 08. Mar. 2017
Project Kitchen Opening - Pics ! - Chris Veigl
Lab Opening was a huge success! more than 80 people came, got introduced to the lab facilities and took up memberships. here some...
Tuesday, 13. Dec. 2016
Lab Opening: Thursday, Dec. 15th ! - Chris Veigl
This Thursday (Dec. 15th) we will reopen the ProjectKitchen makerspace in the B-Building of the UAS Technikum Wien, 4th floor. Starting time is 1 pm (full party-readyness is expected at about 3...
Tuesday, 13. Dec. 2016
New Tools and Toys !! - Chris Veigl
We are happy to announce that we bought/acquired several new tools for our UAS Technikum Wien Makerspace: 2 WitBox-2 3D printers a cheap Laser Cutter a small drill press and a grinding...
Monday, 07. Nov. 2016
Open Shelf available !! - Chris Veigl
Sine yesterday, the ProjectKitchen OpenShelf is available in the public space ! You are welcome to take or bring books, small gadgets, electronic tools etc. ! Enjoy our new shelf for sharing ...
Tuesday, 05. Apr. 2016
C Make Tutorial - Dr. Wummi
s:D :D s:D
Thursday, 18. Jun. 2015
Ferritstäbe und flyback Ferrite - wimma
Hallo, mir wär sehr geholfen wenn jemand weiß wo ich so möglichst Preiswert Ferrite-Stäbe und -flyback-Elemente herbekomme. Also Falls zufällig Jemand eine AM-Antenne oder ein Radio nicht...