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 The ProjectKitchen is an open laboratory at the UAS Technikum Wien which offers students various resources for self-managed projects and workshops. At the ProjectKitchen you can use rooms for meetings & networking and for implementing your own ideas. The resources include sofas, a fridge, tools for electronic engineering (oscilloscope, soldering equipment, PCB-etching, ...) and tools for rapid prototyping (3D-printers, laser cutter, ...). And: our space also offers a real kitchen !

The UAS Technikum Wien and the Student Union (HTW) provide the infrastructure, tools, some material and assistance. Beginners find suitable entry points - for example to learn soldering, to experiment with simple microcontrollers and to gain practical programming experience.

The ProjectKitchen is  a meeting place for people who like to experiment. It offers a playful approach to modern technology and state-of-the-art tools for technology development, without any pressure to perform, similar to the community-driven hackerspaces.

For ProjectKitchen Membership and Lab access write to:

core (at)

or come to the HTW office at opening hours

NEWS: Project Kitchen Lab Rooms opened !!

The current opening hours are on Mondays from 5 PM till 9 PM and on Tuesdays from 5 PM till 7 PM. The lab will be closed during holidays.

If you want to meet the lab management outside the opening hours, please send an email to the CORE Team: core (at)

How to find the ProjectKitchen:
PK where.PNG

Other related information:

See the Calendar for events and opening hours.
Visit the Workshop page to see on which workshops are planned and to register.
Coordination of current activities: in the DiscussionForum
For more information on the background of the ProjectKitchen see Planning&Concept
Find suggestions for practical work: ProjectIdeas and HardwareResources
Interesting resources for makers: Links

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