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  The ProjectKitchen is an open laboratory which offers students of the UAS Technikum Wien resources for self-managed projects and workshops in various fields of technology, as well as a nice room with chilled athomsphere, a kitchen, fridge, sofa and tools for rapid prototyping. The technological a focus is on (but not limited to) electronics, microcontrollers, 3d-printing, laser-cutting, PCB-manufacturing and practical application of computer science in gerneral. 

The UAS Technikum Wien and the Student Union (HTW) provide the rooms, tools, some material and assistance. Beginners find suitable entry points - for example to learn soldering, to experiment with simple microcontrollers and to gain practical programming experience.
Furthermore, the ProjectKitchen offers also advanced development platforms, opportunities for networking with UAS institutes and research teams as well as finalization of project work in course of master or bachelor thesis.

The ProjectKitchen is to be a meeting place for people who like to experiment. It will offer a playful approach to modern technology and state-of-the-art tools for technology development, without any pressure to perform, similar to the community-driven hackerspaces.

WE NEED helping hands:

  • who would like to help us to plan and arrange the new Project Kithcen rooms in the B-building, 4th floor ?? We have more space for you - which must be populated ! Every helping hand will be paid with food (snacks and drinks) ;)    Next date for brainstorming / unpacking: Friday, October 14th, 2016 !!!

 ...  if interested write an e-mail to core (at) projectkitchen (dot) at

Visit the Calendar for events and opening hours or write an e-mail to core [at] projectkitchen [dot] at.

Visit the Workshop page to see on which workshops you can register.

Visit the PubQuiz page to hand in some nerdy questions!


Visit the PubQuiz page to hand in some nerdy Questions!

LaTeX Troubleshooting every monday 15-17h

Please fill out the new workshop-survey!
You can now find all past newsletters here.

How to find the ProjectKitchen:
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Places to visit:

Coordination of current activities: in the discussion forum
For more information on the background of the ProjectKitchen see planning and concept

Find suggestions for practical work: project ideas and hardware resources
For more information on membership: participation
Interesting resources for hackers: links

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