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ProjectKitchen Workshops

Workshops ! Yeah !! Use the Project Bulletin at the ProjectKitchen and the discussion forum to make suggestion for workshop topics.

Please help organizing upcoming workshops !  We are happy about new ideas and invite people to present and share  their skills!


Upcoming / planned Workshops

Date     Workshop     Room     Held By             topics      


  • LaTex basics (date: June, TBA)
  • Soldering 
  • ESP8266 Wifi + Ledpixels
  • 3D-Printing 

Already held 2017

Date     Workshop     Room     Held By      registration
So, 13.03. 2017
  3D Printing Introduction    project kitchen  Gregor Sindl full
Mo, 20.03.2017 Persian Newyear Project Kitchen Sanaz Sookhaklari 15
Di, 23.05. 2017 Soldering  Project Kitchen Christoph Viegl  15

Resources / Documents

Some documents collected at previous ProjectKitchen workshops ...

C Make Workshop/Tutorial


Workshop Ideas / People who could do it

Here some topics and people who signalled approval to hold a workshop... Partly this is from 2015/16 - so no guarantee that the people are still around! In case you would like to update something write to core(at)


  • Löten / Soldering / Electronic Basics
  • C
  • .Net magic
  • E-Bikes
  • Fun with Lasers


  • Löten / Soldering
  • C/C++ uU wxWidgets
  • LaTeX
  • CAD
  • Arduino

Andrea Lovelace

  • C
  • Krypto
  • Arduino Basics
  • Java


  • ESP8266 / LedPixel madness
  • Soldering basic / advanced (Blinkenrocket soldering kit)

Archive (Previous Workshops)

C Make Workshop/Tutorial

Th, 31.03.2016

Bitcoin Vortrag || lecture

Tu, 10.11. 2015

LaTeX Workshop

Date Room registration
We, 07.10. 2015
ProjectKitchen closed
Fr, 09.10. 2015
ProjectKitchen closed

3D Printing Workshop (external lecturer / printer demo)

Date Room registration
Sa, 11.07. 2015
project kitchen full

Solid Works Workshop

Date Room registration
Mo, 15.06.2015
EDV_A2.06 full
Tu, 16.06.2015
EDV_A2.06 full

Cryptography || Kryptographie

Date Room registration
Th, April 9th, 2015 EDV_F1.02 closed
!! CANCELLED !! We, April 15th, 2015  EDV_F4.25 full
Tu, April 21st, 2015 EDV_F1.01 full
Fr, June 5th, 2015 EDV_F1.01 full

Soldering basics || Lötworkshop

22.2. - 19.3.2015 - individual sessions

Date Room registration
Mo, March 16th 2015 17:30-20:30 LAB_F6.26 electronic Lab closed
We, March 18th 2015 17:30-20:30 LAB_F6.26 electronic Lab closed
Fr, March 20th 2015 15:30-18:30 PK_B5.14 Project Kitchen closed
Sa, March 21st 2015 11:00-14:00 PK_B5.14 Project Kitchen closed