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see and expand this wiki page. please.

Some ideas for the layout


  • CFA 1000 - here
  • BeagleBone - 1 killed in action, 1 to go
  • Magic circuit - perfboard version ready



Beaglebone side:

Some kind of Webserver, able to control GPIOs -- (comment:raphael) if we use bonescript we can do the webserver/auth stuff in the same code as the gpio management..)

=== Management side: === Some kind of (Web)App, controlling authentication and session management (comment:raphael) what auth system does the wiki use? let's combine them from the very beginning!!)

PhPBB integration done! with json-api and all that jazz. -- Dr. Wummi 13:39, 22 December 2014 (CET)

User side:

Browser (maybe dedicated app) to authenticate and open/close the lock -- (comment:raphael) phonegap app should take care of that. and i've got experience with it, so we should have a web app as well as a web-interface up and running within 2 development nights (who's up for one?!).


  • User logs in via mobile -> Door opens and stays open -> User session starts
  • User logs off, other Sessions active -> Door stays unlocked
  • Last user logs off -> Door locks

There should be some kind of timeout, so that the door locks if users dont reauthenticate (2 hours?) There should be a Button to lock the door and kick all active sessions (if the last person leaves the lab, and other sessions are still active, because somebody was dumb and forgot about logging off)

This will also enable the homepage to indicate if the lab is currently staffed or not.

IMG 20141218 170535.jpg
Gatekeep0r mount.jpg
Gatekeep0r dialer.jpg