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So you are now a new member of the ProjectKitchen team. Congratulations!

Here you will find some guidiance to get you started.

How to become a member

Fill out the membership form
mail the core team

How to get a GateKeep0r access Key

  1. Get a board account
  2. Wait for an admin to activate your account
  3. After your account has been approved, log in and klick onpersönlicher bereich
    NewTut pers.PNG
  4. Go to the profil tab and enter a 4 digit key of your choice
    NewTut key.PNG
  5. Ask somebody on the core team to authorize you for GateKeep0r access.
  6. Try your board credentials on the GateKeep0r login page and click get key
  7. If everything went well, you shold see something like this:
    NewTut newKey.PNG
  8. You now have a 2 digit userkey, and a 4 digit access code (that you chose yourself in step 4)
  9. You can now open the lab with your key! (userid + usercode)
  10. If you forgot your code, you can visit the GateKeep0r login page and click get key, and it should spit out your key:
    NewTut getKey.PNG

How to join the mailinglist

  1. here's a guide
  2. if you don't succeed, try mailing the core team