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This is drone was created in the winter term 2014 by students in the mechatronics/robotics degree course. It was added to the ProjectKitchen for further development


  • The projects aim was to create an inexpensive drone that could be used for swarm experiments. It comprises of the following components:
  • A flight controller (MultiWii 328p available at Hobbyking)
  • A MOSFET-Driver with DC-motors (can be substituted with brushless motors & ESCs)
  • A Bluetooth HC06 module for communication (should be substituted with a WiFi-module)
  • A Arduino Micro for communication & as a possible hook for swarm algorithms


  • Get a battery for that drone
  • Modify the base to be printed on our 3D-printer
  • Get stronger motors for acrobatic flights There

There's an App for that

The drone can be controlled with an existing Android-App. You can also set the sensitivity of the input commands.

Final app.png