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Participation in the Project Kitchen is likely to be governed by a membership. Members receive access to the laboratory (the UAS Technikum Wien entry card is unlocked for that room). Through membership also certain obligations arise concerning the use of the laboratory (use and return of resources, cleaning up the lab after use, compliance with the laboratory and safety guidelines, etc.)
Periodic "public evenings" will allow non-members to visit the ProjectKitchen lab, network with its "inhabitants" and - if desired - tp become a member.

The details of membership and organizational structure have not yet been clarified and need to be discussed (club? / legal situation / handling of risks, insurance, ...)
These issues are currently being discussed - therefore, participation in these decision making processes is very important - please use the forum !

Communication and Media

Currently, the ProjectKitchen offers the following digital infrastructure:

  1. the wiki pages you are currently reading
  2. the discussion forum / board
  3. the GitLab repository, hosted by the embedded systems institute of the UAS Technikum Wien (currently still unpopulated)
  4. a mailinglist for potentially interested students of the UAS Technikum Wien: projectkitchen_at_technikum-wien_dot_at - this will become the members mailinglist
  5. a mainlinglist for potentially interested employees/lecturers/decision makers of the UAS Technikum Wien: projectkitchen_twintern_at_technikum-wien_dot_at

If you are interested in participating, shaping/improving the wiki shape or getting the (currently very rare) emails regarding ProjektKitchen, send an email to Chris Veigl.