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Planning an FHTW hackerspace

Here you find the initial concept text which describes the idea of the ProjectKitchen in more detail.

Here you find photos and transcripts from the kick-off meeting (21 05 2014).

The following points have emerged during the kick-off meeting:

  1. Organisational / Legal Issues for getting the place up and running
  2. Fundraising internal/external
  3. Gender concepts and implementation
  4. Contents (tools, project resources and priorities)

Organisational / legal issues

  • Clarify which form of organization would be most useful, whether club or association ("Verein" ?)
  • Who bears responsibility for injuries / damage etc. - (how) can you keep the risk for the UAS and for participants as low as possible (insurance ?)
  • Insurance must be taken out?  - What about the insurance provided by the student union (which is valid in the context of courses, but not for private projects ..)
  • Fire regulations - who is responsible?
  • Access: for example: only for UAS Students & Graduates! Regulated by activation of the access card - who manages this administration?
  • Should there be day-wise memberships?
  • With membership you also acquires obligations - see Metalab: Common Clean Up! Should also be stated in laboratory-rules !

Motivation / Target groups

  •      Establish a voluntary lecture with awarded ECTS?
  •      Question: Is it necessary to give the students an incentive on ECTS, or enough free space for projects / creativity as an incentive?
  •      Should there be an additional motivation system / points system for "altruistic" engagement?
  •      There is also interest from graduates / alumnis -> important resource -> Question of access regulation for alumnis (keep UAS entry card ?)
  •      How much "Tutoring" should be carried out (avoid too strict "Verschulung"?
  •      Public Evenings to lower the threshold? - Eg. 1 Open Evening every 2 weeks
  •      People should attend because of the tools / atmosphere /  study support ?
  •      Specific gender activities eg. offer special events / workshops with "Women-only" character if demanded

Preparation of space and infrastructure

(current status in red)

  • Audio / video lab F6.25 - available for common use, as long as scheduled regluar courses are not affected
  • Embedded Artlab - Laboratory for Smart Homes and Assistive Technologies (A.004) - can be used for coordination meetings and for projects in the AT / AAL area
    Dedicated Room in B5.14 is in operation!
  • Prepare a list of things needed (and sources / costs), including:
         Cabinets for storage of project work and other needed furniture (Funiture is alread in the room)
         Components for electronics projects (some components are already here - we need more!)
         Development Platforms (some components are already here - we need more!)
         Required software / licenses ?
  • Lab Assistant (minimmum 5 hours per week) - job offer / financing  - could be organised via FH-Twist ?
    FH Twist already confirmed, and is hiring a Lab assistant for 5/h Weeh

Online Plattform and visibility

  •      "Knowledge Board", coordination of workshops, etc.?
  •      List of members List of focal points / skills should also be seen in the online system
  •      What is offeered in the ProjectKitchen ?
  •      Links to Moodle courses and lecture material of the UAS courses, cross reference existing knowledge
  •      Make available source code of existing projects -> GITLab
  •      Discussion forum, Wiki
  •      Mailing lists (students, UAS staff)

Fundraising / funding:

  • Tools and materials -> use low cost resources and provide reference sources
  • Advertisement of Companies in kind / cash donation
  • Funding from Student Union
  • Funding from gender mainstreaming Think Tank
  • Funding from FH management
  • Acquire Industry partners (provide money and/or tools, equipment in exchange for advertisement, practical skills of graduates, ..)

Content - collection of practical topics ?

for  example:

  •      learn soldering
  •      PCB Design / Layout
  •      Boards fit (SMD?)
  •      microcontroller practice
  •      Program / C / C ++
  •      Interfaces to Smartphones and Tablets
  •      3d printing and 3d design tools (different printers are available)
  •      mobile robotics
  •      Biosignals / biofeedback / EEG
  •      ' or '1'='1' --

Coordination with UAS-Institutes and research projects

  •      Possibility to use other workshops / resources (mechanical workshop, 3d-printer etc.) ?
         Is it possible to provide a number of (paid) workshop hours (with lab assistant, whenever "heavy tools" or special tools are needed ?)
         Consultation with Institute leaders necessary !
  •      Collective purchase of a laser cutter or other fab-lab tools? (cross financed by multiple institutes)  ?
  •      "OpenHub" idea: the ProjectKitchen serves as a repository of information on research activities of the various UAS-Institutes - and allows networking of UAS staff and students
  •      Organisation of "lightning talks" - where (not only) UAS memebers can present their wokr / reserach / tpoics for thesis etc

To address these questions, we need your opinion, participation and help !!!
Please use the discussion forum for organisation of focus groups and planning of concrete next steps.