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 The ProjectKitchen is an open laboratory at the UAS Technikum Wien which offers students various resources for self-managed projects and workshops. At the ProjectKitchen you can use rooms for meetings & networking and for implementing your own ideas. The resources include sofas, a fridge, tools for electronic engineering (oscilloscope, soldering equipment, PCB-etching, ...) and tools for rapid prototyping (3D-printers, laser cutter, ...). And: our space also offers a real kitchen !

The UAS Technikum Wien and the Student Union (HTW) provide the infrastructure, tools, some material and assistance. Beginners find suitable entry points - for example to learn soldering, to experiment with simple microcontrollers and to gain practical programming experience.

The ProjectKitchen is  a meeting place for people who like to experiment. It offers a playful approach to modern technology and state-of-the-art tools for technology development, without any pressure to perform, similar to the community-driven hackerspaces.

For ProjectKitchen Membership and Lab access write to:

core (at)

or come to the HTW office at opening hours

NEWS: First 3D Printing Workshop on Monday, March 13th !!  (see news ticker)

Current opening hours and events / workshops are available on the calendar. The lab will be closed during holidays.

If you want to meet the lab management outside the opening hours, please send an email to the CORE Team: core (at)

How to find the ProjectKitchen:
PK where.PNG

Other related information:

See the Calendar for events and opening hours.
Visit the Workshop page to see on which workshops are planned and to register.
Coordination of current activities: in the DiscussionForum
For more information on the background of the ProjectKitchen see Planning&Concept
Find suggestions for practical work: ProjectIdeas and HardwareResources
Interesting resources for makers: Links

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