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 TBD: Improve structure of this page: describe project details, contact person/institue, availability of master/bachelor thesis etc. !

Existing projects which can be based upon / improved


  • A mobile robot platform with microcontroller for PWM control of motors and collision avoidance, as well as webcam and RaspberriPi for transmission of live video data is available - This robotic platform can be extended (gripper, ROS module for path planning, Compuer vision ...)
  • Various robots/machines have been created in course of the "Roboexotica" festival for cocktail robotics
  • A ROS (Robot Operating System) - compatble platform is available based on a turtlebot, a kinect 3d-camera and a mechanical gripper actuator
  • UAV - projects (semi-autonomous / autonomous flight models created by the UAV team of Tom Kittenberger / Embedded Systems Institute

Bioelectric Signal Acquisition and Processing

  • Open Source Software for Biofeedback and Neurofeedback: BrainBay (Audiovisual interpretation of biosignal data in real time)
  • "EnergyPong" - A classic Pong game with ergometer control and alternative input methods
  • "Brain Washing Machine": EEG feedback in a modified washing machine (operated with RaspberriPi)
  • EEG and Brain-Computer Interface projects using OpenVibe, OpenEEG and Emotiv  Epoc
  • Eyetracking and gaze estimation using Tobii EyeX, Eyetribe or other hardware

Assisitve Technologies and Smart Homes

  • AsTeRICS - a modular construction set for assistive technologies
  • LipMouse - a mouth controlled mouse cursor with Bluetooth Low Energy Link
  • Existing smart home infrastructure projects (involving KNX network, EnOcean - Components, ...) see AATLab

Concrete Proposals for new Projects

  • "Pimp-my-Wuzzler" - the Mensa team of the UAS provides the table-soccer table for electronic add-ons (score counter, sound effects, ..) !
  • Build the "Blinkenschild" - a Led matrix that does it all
  • Smart home control with RaspberriPi
  • Control of the air conditioner in room A0.04 - by Arduino, temperature sensor and servo motor to improve the Klimaanlagensteuerung!
  • Slam-based indoor navigation with Kinect 2.0
  • Webcam / online status of the Project Kitchen-room
  • A SMD reflow oven with LCD and PID-controller for the ProjectKtichen
  • An FPGA-based sprite graphics accelerator for STM32 CortexM4-CPUs
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) HID device implementation using the Nordic nRF8001 module

Other potential topics for projects

  • Alternative user interfaces e.g. via bioelectric signals, Brain-Computer interfaces (BCI), etc.
  • Computer Vision and Robotics
  • Gesture recognition using inertial measurement data or computer vision
  • Interactive media performances or music production with alternative user interfaces
  • Accessible toys and computer games
  • Android apps with hardware / embedded interfacing / environmental control
  • Internet-Of-Things - evaluation of sensor nodes / integration frameworks etc.

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