The Fridge

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The fridge is known to give great power to developers.

The Rules

  • There is a pink chash box on top of the fridge. If you take something out of the fridge, you put money into this awesome pink box
  • Prices of the beheverages are written on top of the fridge.
  • If you don't put money in, somebody WILL TWIST YOUR NIPPLE!
  • Anybody can buy drinks, put them into the fridge, and write a price up on top (removable marker pens only! / don't put ridiculus prices up)
  • Cash box key is on the safe's keyring. Use this money to buy more drank, yo
  • Don't put food in. If food is in there, it will be taken care of. (Eaten if good, thrown away if bad. Don't complain)
  • Don't push the red button. (seriously, don't)